Safety Tools

It is our mission at UnCon to provide a safe, inclusive and fun environment for everybody to feel relaxed and enjoy their day gaming.
With that in mind, it is important that every table has safety tools to ensure a positive gaming environment. Some tools are mandatory at UnCon and others are optional to add as secondary tools.

Mandatory Tools

GMs must use both of the following tools.


When a player encounters content they are uncomfortable with during the game, or if they are feeling unsafe at the gaming table, they may touch the X-Card. This halts game play until the matter is resolved. Please respect the player’s privacy and safety who touches the X-Card and do not request they explain why they needed to stop game play, but simply ask what it is about the current game and situation that needs to be altered.
The O-Card is an active way for players to tell their fellow gamers and GM that they are enjoy the content, scene, or play at the table. This card does not mean to stop play, but instead to encourage more of it. It is typically used when the content is high impact and you don't wish to stop the flow of the game.


Open Tables

At UnCon we strive to ensure a safe gaming environment for everyone. This means that every single one of our tables you choose to game at has an “open table” policy. Not only is anybody who is respecting the inclusion policies is welcome to sit at any table and play, but if you ever feel the need to leave the table you are open and free to do so. If you need to leave the table, even in the middle of the game, for your health and safety, you are able to and without being subjected to harassment or negativity or questioning for doing so.

Optional Tool

Lines and Veils

Before the beginning of any game, Game Masters may ask you about your lines and veils. Lines are content that you wish to not encounter in your games whatsoever. Telling your GM this before the beginning of the game will help to ensure a safe gaming environment for you at the table. A veil consists of subject matter that you are okay with mentioning in the content of your game but you do not wish to be the focus of the game or scene itself. A veil is basically a topic you find is acceptable mentioning but do not want that subject to be explored in detail.