Harassment And Inclusion Policies

The community run event, UnConventional Gaming Convention, is a place for all gamers from all walks of life to come and enjoy their hobbies in a harassment-free space. Regardless of an individual’s gender, disability, race, age, physical appearance, religion, sexual orientation, pronoun preference, affiliation, or sex, they are entitled to harassment-free gaming at UnConventional.

What is harassment?
Harassment is any type of unwanted behaviour that is directed at an individual (or group of individuals) that is offensive in nature. This typically causes the targeted individual(s) to feel upset, disturbed, or threatened. The behaviour is usually persistent but even one instance of harassment is not tolerated at UnConventional.

What do I do if I/someone else is being harassed?
If you notice harassment taking place at the UnConventional Gaming Convention, there are several ways you can report it so that it can be dealt with in a timely manner and with discretion. All reports will be anonymous so as to protect the reporter and the harassed individual(s).

1. The front desk is always open for assistance. This reporting option may not be very private, but we will always be open to assisting however you feel most comfortable.

2. Our e-mail will be monitored through-out the day. You can reach us there at unconventionalptbo@gmail.com

3. For the duration of the event, there will be volunteers seen through-out the convention floor ready to assist in any way. If you are having an issue at your table, be it with game-play, harassment, player-to-player, player-to-GM, or overall event-related issues, you may find the volunteers to assist. They are identifiable by a purple coloured badge.